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Young Jun Bae
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Young Jun ("YJ") Bae is a senior associate at NMV providing executive level advice and support to NMV activities in the Republic of Korea and Northeast Asia. Mr. Bae has extensive experience managing large organizations, international business development and general contracting.

As the Chairman of Kun Young International, Inc. Mr. Bae has provided executive level strategic advice to the CEO's of several large Korean corporations on general business development planning, including: Doosan Group, Daewoo Group and Hanjin Group (Korean Airlines). Mr. Bae previously served as the President of U.S. Asia—Korea, a subsidiary of U.S. Asia, CDC, that specialized in business development and marketing for foreign corporations and organizations in Northeast Asia with an emphasis on Korea. Earlier in his career Mr. Bae worked with Namkwang Construction Company as its President and Chief Executive Officer where he managed the company’s international construction business development, including projects in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan and the Philippines with supporting offices in London, Frankfurt and New York.

Mr. Bae studied Economics at the University of California at Berkeley/Los Angeles.