Richard Lawless is a founder and Principal of NMV Consulting, LLC.       

Richard is a founder of New Magellan Ventures, a Washington DC-based venture capital and advisory services firm with a portfolio of transportation, energy, mineral resources, property development and high-technology companies.  Richard also serves as Chairman and CEO of U.S.-Japan High-Speed Rail, a U.S.-based company that promotes Central Japan Railway’s N700-I Bullet train system.

Richard has served the United States government for over 20 years, most recently as Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Asian and Pacific Security Affairs.  In this capacity Richard was responsible for formulating U.S. security and defense policy in the Asia-Pacific region, including East and Southeast Asia, South Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia.  He retired from this position in July 2007, but maintains an advisory role to the Secretary of Defense on Alliance transformation issues.

Prior to his appointment at the Department of Defense, Richard co-founded and served as the Chairman/CEO of U.S. Asia Commercial Development Cooperation from 1987-2002.  U.S. Asia and its affiliated companies headquartered in Washington, D.C. with offices in Seoul, Tokyo and Taipei, specialized in telecommunications and information technology investment and market entry strategies in East Asia.  Mr. Lawless is also a co-founder and former Chairman of the internet technology development company, Online Environs, Inc. of Boston, Massachusetts.

Mr. Lawless served as a career employee of the Central Intelligence Agency from 1972 through 1987, serving in Washington, D.C. and various postings in the Far East and Europe.  He specialized in subjects related to high technology, nuclear proliferation and Far East security issues.

Richard is a graduate of Bradley University’s School of International Studies (B.S. International Relations, Magna Cum Laude) and the Defense Language Institute, Monterey, California (Korean language program).

Richard P. Lawless

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